Jessie Spartano knows how to capture an audience! She went from starring in small east coast theatre shows to starring in productions at the University of Southern California. As well as landing roles in award winning movies, appearing in and producing national television shows, and still managing a modeling and musical career. And, well, that’s just the beginning.

From a very young age, Jessie had a passion for the arts.  She avidly studied theatre, piano, dance, gymnastics and figure skating but that wasn’t enough. She craved more. Jessie was introduced to musical theatre when she moved from a small town in upstate New York to “The Steel City” of Pittsburgh, PA where the breadth of her education expanded. She enrolled in several theatre schools, studied with private vocal coaches and joined her school choir. Her discipline and willpower paid off.  She was cast in several musicals simultaneously. She performed in Germany with another theatre group and toured the U.S. with a nationally known choir. After receiving numerous offers for representation, Jessie signed with an agency, before she could even drive a car.

In high school, she was cast among Pittsburgh’s best in a very competitive theatre program, performing in musical productions year-round. People were touched by her work—she was a success.  By senior year, her involvement in “Les Misérables,” won her and her fellow cast members the honor of taking home first place for the Gene Kelly Award for “Best Overall Performance”.

With open arms, Jessie accepts every challenge and turns them into a discovery. She was introduced to the University of Southern California, and from that moment on she knew where she belonged. Taking the next step in her career, Jessie moved to Los Angeles to study at USC’s School of Theatre and Thornton School of Music where she found a world beyond musical theatre – television and film.

Throughout college, Jessie filmed several independent projects. Recognizing that she had a natural talent, a few of her professors suggested that she become involved with USC’s Trojan Vision – one of the best student run television stations in the country.  She not only jumped on the opportunity, but quickly worked her way up the ladder, producing and directing several shows for the station, while hosting and guest starring on many others.

She wanted to leave USC with a big bang, so she enrolled in a solo performance class her last semester.  Here she learned the essentials of playwriting, stage direction, and set design.  After producing her own theatrical piece, she displayed her work at a private, invitation only show, alongside her classmates. Each of them presented a thirty minute, one man show.  Jessie performed a very personal, heartfelt story. She had the audience laughing at the beginning and crying by the end.

Jessie graduated from USC with a degree in both Theatre and Music Industry, but more importantly, USC taught her that there are no limitations when it comes to creating art. This motivated her to branch out and find more hidden talents. She began to collaborate with several photographers and quickly realized that, not only is she a very talented model, but modeling is a form of expression that she is very passionate about.  She wanted to prove that being a petite, young looking model was possible. It’s a stereotype that she was determined to break, and sure enough she did. Through her success, she has also inspired fellow models to step out and believe in themselves. She has proven that you can do it all.

Jessie is an actively working actress/entertainer in Los Angeles and has appeared in numerous films, television shows, stage productions, music videos, and major ad campaigns. Her very first film after graduating USC won “Best Drama”, “Best Director”, and “Best Actor”, while her second film won a “Diamond Award”.

Currently, Jessie is studying and performing improv at iO West in Hollywood to continue to broaden her horizon as an entertainer. Jessie hopes to inspire others to follow their dreams by being a positive role model and looks forward for the opportunity to touch many lives through her work.

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